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Rambaldi Won't Eat KFC

Song: "Crazy In Love" (Beyonce cover)

Artist: Snow Patrol

File info: 4:13; 160kbps (zipped)

CD: Unavailable on CD / BBC Session

Observations: This song was one of Rambaldi's first lyrical predictions. You may have assumed, while listening to the original, that the lyric "it's your girl, B" meant Beyonce, but Melissa and I beg to differ. We believe he is referring to the young Ms. Bristow, and the coincidence of Beyonce preforming this song is not a coincidence at all. Whom, though, is the person in the next line "it's your boy young", and what effect will he have on the future? It is "history in the makin'", as the lyrics state.

We also believe the line "my texture is the best fur, I'm chinchilla" *means something*. What part in all this does the elusive chinchilla play, O Rambaldi?

While the Beyonce version of Crazy In Love is actually pretty good (though so catchy you tend to get tired of it after several listens) Prophet Melissa and I prefer this cover. Snow Patrol is a Brit-band with 3 cds to date, each full of compelling, guitar-driven songs. For more info on the band, click here to go to their official site.
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