an enigma wrapped in a schizophrenic (karabou) wrote in no47,
an enigma wrapped in a schizophrenic

Rambaldi brakes for penguins

Song: With Arms Outstretched

Artist: Rilo Kiley

File info: 3:42, 128kbps

CD: The Execution of All Things

Observations: This song may be a key to finding the location of The Promised Land, a utopia-like place which Rambaldi had set aside for himself and his followers. Does it still exist? We are still trying to find it.

For more info on the band, go here.

~ Please comment if you download, and we'd love to hear what you think! ~
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Sw33t! :D
Downloaded! <3
This song is oddly fluffy. In spite of its low fi sound and vaguely disturbing lyrics. Thanks!
You're very welcome. :)
You can also go to , which has a lot of mp3 downloads, pictures, etc. of the band. And a spiffy forum.

I know this is late, but thanks. :) And I like how you have a matching icon for this post, hehe
Downloaded, thanks! ♥ Rilo Kiley.
You're welcome.. and me, too! :)
Grabbed it. Keep those songs coming!! So far I've liked everything that's been uploaded. :DDD
Kind of a late reply, but you're welcome, and I'm glad you like the other songs! :)
Oh, I like this a LOT. Ta for the download!
I'm glad you do! :) Try and get other stuff by them, Rilo Kiley is awesome. Look for The Elected, too.. it's the band of the guitarist/sometimes singer, Blake.