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Rambaldi Does Dallas

Song: Italian Radio

Artist: Blue October

File info: 3:49, 128kbps

CD: unavailable

Observations: The lyrics of this song hint toward Rambaldi's stay in Italy, where for a brief time he stood-in as a replacement ocarina player for the then-popular travelling music group "Il Dio Orina Sul Povero" (which translates roughly to "God Pees On The Poor").


And as a Special Tuesday Bonus (which just means I *really* love this band, and want to offer two different types of their songs):

Song: Come In Closer

Artist: Blue October

File info: 5:25, 160 kbps

CD: History For Sale

Observations: This song is about the Second Coming of Rambaldi's cousin, Truly. Can he be trusted? With lyrics like these, we just can't tell.

For more info on the band, go here.

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