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Rambaldi Hates Sunday Drivers

Song: Deserts on Fire edit: I accidentally downloaded Deserts on Fire and not "That Crown Don't Make You A Prince" as it originally stated. Oops.

Artist: Murder By Death

File info: 3:11, 192 kbps (zipped)

CD: Who Will Survive, and What Will be Left of Them?

Observations: The lyrics of this song are part of Rambaldi's prediction of a fight against some unknown Evil Force. Since it hasn't occurred yet, we can't tell you much else. Currently the Rambaldi experts are trying to find out when this will take place. One colleague suspects it has to do with zombies, but we think he's just been watching too much Shaun of the Dead.

Murder By Death fluidly orchestrates a sonic boom that is part horror movie climax, part western barroom brawl and a gloss of wintry distortion. For more info on the band, go here.


And as a Special Sunday Bonus:

Song: Closer (Super Mario Bros. mix)

Artist: Nine Inch Nails

File info: 6:02, 128 kbps (zipped)

CD: None.

Observations: This actually has nothing to do with Rambaldi.

For more info on the band, go here. Although, if you've never heard of NIN, um... where have you been?

~ Please comment if you download, and we'd love to hear what you think! ~
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