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Rambaldi Talks To An Arabic Man

Song: Heavy Lifting

Artist: Ambulance Ltd.

File info: 3:56, 128 kbps (zipped)

CD: Ambulance LTD [EP]

Observations: A song about true love, fate, and loneliness. According to our studies Rambaldi died a lonely man without a spouse or living heir, and we believe this song tells something of his personal life. What relevance, then, does this song have to others? Why did he choose to add these lyrics to his manuscript? Perhaps it tells of a person in the future. Or perhaps it warns about living a life of loneliness. That you can't wait for fate, for other people, to relieve your burdens. Overall, this song is still a mystery.

This New York-based quartet makes swoony, atmospheric, layered rock that's primarily interested in guitar-based interplay and subtle dynamics. Their pleasant tunes have supple melodies, a solid Velvets-derived groove, and pretty yet weathered vocals that occasionally sound like Sam Prekop from The Sea and Cake. They have too much cojones, not to mention vaguely bluesy chops, to be considered third-generation "shoegazers." Ambulance Ltd. do what any decent indie-rock band does on their first album (see Stereolab, Built to Spill, Luna): they play around with their influences, mixing, matching, and seeing what sounds best. This album is like watching a bunch of kids going crazy trying on fancy clothes at the department store, as they gleefully mix and match the Lilys, the Kinks, Versus, the Stones, and Apples in Stereo. This is not meant as disparagement; there's a real joy in watching a band come into its own. It's a safe bet Ambulance Ltd. will already be there by the time you read this. --Mike McGonigal

For more on the band, go here.

Prophetic Document 1 and Prophetic Document 2 are still up for grabs!

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